Tom K.

He’s the backbone of our school and pours his heart into the kids every single day.
Tom is the custodian at Park Elementary School where I teach second grade. He puts just as much heart and soul into the building, classrooms, and students as the rest of the staff - if not more! He greets kids by name when he sees them in the hallway or chats with them at lunch. He problems solves logistics, like where to line up, and how to work out kinks in our building schedule. He comes in early, stays late, works weekends and takes such ownership in our school that even though we are one of the oldest schools in the district we shine! Last year Tom designed, built, and installed a bench, with a shelf and hooks to replace my worn out coat rack. It is, of course, wonderful. That going above and beyond really exemplifies what he does every day, and it is a big part of what makes our school a place where all kids (and staff) feel welcomed, cared for, and part of the family.

- Aaron C.