Scott D.

Pastor Scott is and has been tireless in serving not only his church family but his entire community of Gaylord.
During this lock down I haven't been able to attend my own church and through word of mouth I tuned into the Efree church in Gaylord. Pastor Scott gives words of encouragement for a few minutes every morning. Again in the afternoon every day he's traveled around Gaylord and prayed outside so many different businesses where those deemed essential workers are tirelessly seeing that the rest of us remain safe and well cared for. He conducts a Tuesday night bible study and of course a couple of services on Sunday.

I've never met Pastor Scott nor have I attended his church. These are just the things I've learned about him in the last 6 weeks. How much more he does behind the scene is just a guess. So I nominate Pastor Scott and I believe when he gets his ice cream, he'll share it with his community.

- Mary L.
I received your amazing package today as part of your Random Acts of Ice Cream. How very encouraging. What is amazing is that the person who nominated me (which is really nominating us as a church ministry) does not go to our church and we have never met. Thank you, Mary! Thank you Hudsonville Ice Cream! Thank you my church for your commitment to meeting people where they are! And most of all, thank you, Lord, because every good gift comes from you (and ice cream is one of your better gifts to us!)
— Scott D.