Mike R.

Mr. R is my physics teacher and he deserves to be recognized because he's not letting this virus stop us from learning.
Physics is by no means an easy class during a normal school year, nonetheless when we aren't at school half of the week. Every opportunity he has he cracks a joke or gives an example of physics in the real world. He starts each day off with a pirate joke, not because he likes pirates, but because he knows that the students find his 'dad jokes' cheesy and if it can bring a smile to a student's face, then it's worth the effort. His teaching style has shown me that physics around us is actually really interesting and as I encounter different situations I now know how things around me are impacted by each other. While I thank him each day I leave the classroom his positive attitude deserves to be awarded with something a little sweeter.

- Alyssa E.
Thanks so much for supporting teachers in this way! I am fortunate to get to work with some great students like Alyssa, and her kind words and your great ice cream really gave me a boost right when I needed it. When I look back on this school year, I imagine I will remember this Random Act of Ice Cream instead of the various challenges and frustrations of teaching remotely. What a nice gift to receive!
— Mike R.