Madison M.

Madison is a critical care nurse in Lima, Ohio...
She graduated from nursing school just a year ago, and has certainly began her career in a most challenging time in healthcare. She really understands that caring for patients first involves compassion, especially in times like this. Allow me to share with you her words -

"Caring for our patients and community during this time has been unlike anything we've ever seen before. The adaptability of our healthcare team has truly been amazing. I've sat with dying patients, loving them and holding their hand as their family couldn't be with them. I've celebrated with patients has they recovered and got to go home. To me, the word hero isn't fitting. It's about compassion - taking time to sit with patients and talk to them, reminding them that we care, that we support them, and they are not alone."

That's my daughter! So proud of her serving her community!

- Ken M.
Thanks to Hudsonville Ice Cream for the Random Acts of Ice Cream! It was a SWEET surprise to come home to after work today!
— Madison M.