Kris V.

She pours her compassionate heart into her kids, her grandkids, and everyone else's kids.
This person - my mother is so much more than just a mom. She’s a wonderful mother, grandma, wife, and many more things. For her regular job, she works with a bunch of special needs kindergartners, which alone takes patience and compassion. She also has a part time job that she goes to many nights after school, where she spends her time teaching and entertaining older special needs children/adults at an after school care program. There she pours her heart into spending time playing games, reading, talking, and having dinner with many of these great kids. We often see them out in the community, and they are always so excited to see her. Aside from this, she is there for anything from babysitting to bringing a meal to someone to running an errand for somebody who needs it. She sure loves ice cream, and baseball, so she would love this....and deserves it.

- Heidi G.