Doug R.

Coach Roskamp fully displayed his intent to contribute to the health (mental and physical) and wellbeing of our 7th grade boys.
Coach Doug Roskamp, a counselor and coach at Cityside Middle School, is very deserving of special recognition. Our 7th grade basketball team started their season with 3 days of practice, only to have the entire team then put into quarantine. The day their quarantine expired was the day they learned the stop on organized youth sports. Our 7th graders were devastated. They wanted nothing more than to finally participate in a school basketball team, not a youth league.

Coach Roskamp, being the person that he is, did not leave them though. He challenged them with daily workouts and always left something positive as a takeaway. He even stopped by each player’s house to drop off a gift to brighten their week. As he said repeatedly, these boys had every right to be angry, but because of his positive attitude and guidance, the boys chose to accept and support each other during the ups and downs. Coach Roskamp inspired the team to continue working hard, despite the pandemic that seems to keep taking.
A few excerpts from his emails are below. He clearly has a sense of humor as well! We have never been so aware and so convinced of the value of adults outside the home pouring into teens. Or more aware of the correlation of sports/extracurricular activities to a kid’s feeling of identity and self-worth. Coach Roskamp fully displayed his intent to contribute to the health (mental and physical) and wellbeing of our 7th grade boys.

Quotes from Coach Roskamp:
- "Our season could have been canceled from the outset so every day we get is a bonus. We will make every day count!"
- "I've learned that some of you may not have chores where you live. If that is you, please contact the chore scheduler at your place and tell them you would like to volunteer to clean the bathroom(s)." (After recommending the boys do their chores, homework, then basketball)
- " guys have had such incredibly good attitudes through this whole season. If anyone has a reason to complain, it
would be you guys. However, I have been impressed hearing your positive and hopeful remarks in the hallways and lunchrooms."
- "Parents...the kid's attitudes are of course created at home. Thank you too for your patience and encouragement during this time. You are amazing!"

Thank you, coach! Thank you for bringing out the best in our boys.
You deserve this recognition!

- 7th Grade Boys Basketball Team and Parents